Every person active in the BDSM scene, regardless of religion, political observation, race or gender/identity are welcome at SISC.

At SISC events we are avoiding these topics, because this is what devides people. SISC is not a political organisation, but a place where BDSM people are together with like-minded and tolerant people without judgement and censorship from others.
Almost all varieties of BDSM have a historically or real life bad origin and outside the BDSM scene, many things we play with can or have been oppressive or have bad impact on some people.

SISC is a BDSM organization. All the games and sexual activities we do is a game between consenting adults and not real.

At SISC we take care of each other. We have a safe space to live out our fantasy, even the ones that are judged perverted, deemed oppressive or bad by outsiders of the scene. Even if elements or plays as part of our sexuality in other context might have a bad or even traumatic impact on some people, at SISC we don’t connect it to real life, but it is a sexual game between consenting adult people.

Since almost any BDSM game, role or toy could be connected to a negative experience, we will not exclude those games, roles or toys. That is why we play without prejudice and judgement, but of course within the Danish law.
If you witness a game, role, toy or relation that is difficult for you to handle or you don’t agree with, you have the responsibility to look the other way and not comment on it. All games at SISC are strictly in play context. At the same time you can also expect the same tolerance from others towards your sexuality.