sisc farm

How SISC runs

In Denmark a society is a very deeply rooted old freedom right, and we have a saying

“if 3 Danes meet on a street corner, they immediately form a society.”

So how does SISC run?

We are volunteers

SISC is completely run by volunteers. Nobody makes a profit, and SISC strives to break even every year. All our profits are invested back into the farm, play rooms, maintenance, facilities, food and cooking.

What can you do for SISC? 

As a member, you are part of SISC - the farm is partly yours, you can do things to help out, for example:

  • Attend the General Assembly
  • Sign up as week staff (just mark it in the booking form)
  • Fill in your questionaire that is handed out at the end of your week
  • Help out by just having a great time at SISC weeks!

Week staff

The weeks are run by the week staff, up to 9 people a week.  

1 Camp Manager
1 Camp Manager Assistant / Bookkeeper
1 to 3 Bartenders
2 Cooks
1 Leathersmith
1 Poolboy (m/f)

Board, Filekeepers and PR

SISC is run by an international team. The board is elected by the members. Because most of the SISC team have to travel to meet, there are often online meetings where everything is discussed. Twice or three times a year, the SISC team meet, talk, and work in teams on running issues.

The board consist of:

1 chairman  
1 treasurer 
3 board members 
2 substitute board members

Bookings and communication are done by 2 Filekeepers, who mostly attend meetings, but have no vote.

1 PR person takes care of the website and newsletters.

The General Assembly

Every year, around Week 42, there is a General Assembly. All SISC members are welcome to discuss and vote (if you have been on at least 3 full weeks in a period of 5 years). SISC has members all around the world, and realises that some have to come from far to attend the meeting. 

Perhaps the bonus week makes it easier for you decide to travel to Denmark and attend the big meeting. We built this week around the General Assembly. Not only as a present for SISC members, also to give you even more reason to join the meeting.