hotel week

  • Bonus - Week 42 (5 days)

    Week 42 is a bonus for campers that have been in one of the full weeks in this or last year - it is SISC's way to thank all participants for a great season. The General Assembly will be held in the first weekend and we invite all SISC members to join. 

    After the summer season 2021, we will be able to tell you the Week 42 dates.
  • Mixed hotel - Week 31 (6 days)

    If you are new to SISC, Week 31 is a good week to start, as we take extra care to introduce new campers to the SISC way. 
    In 2021, Week 31 will be a little different. To keep the "corona bubble", the week will start on the same day for everyone. You will still be able to book per day, but everybody has to arrive on Sunday, at the 1th of August.