Building the farm

We started with ugly. This was the old pigsty and is today the sleeper. The roof had partially blown off and the floor had collapsed under rot and the weight of wet hay. The floor, hay, and half the roof lay on the floor and it took the effort of five madmen and a female pyromaniac to clear them out.

The roof was then rebuilt and the floor reestablished over half the room, creating our sleeper balcony. In the old foodstuff storeroom we made a shower and the first sauna.

The cow stable was also cleaned out, and a few minor holes in the roof were patched. Between the cow boxes a wooden floor was laid and a bar established in the calf boxes. We then hosed down both stables and whitewashed the walls.

Then we looked at the barn. It was the good part, a lot of good roof and timbers and sound walls. All we had to do was fill in a truckload of sand for the floor and set up a lot of chains and stuff.

Luckily for us, the old farmer was the collecting type, who never threw out much of his old junk, and we made these first improvements out of at least 50% recycled materials.

Also it was a great help that somebody was working in the city’s recycling facility, where all sorts of old furniture etc. was taken in, sorted and sold cheap.