General questions

How about privacy?

Although we need the full name and address of all participants, the SISC filekeeper is the only person who will know your full data. He/she is allowed only to use your first name, two first letters of your surname and nationality for SISC internal documents (membership cards, camp list etc.)  

For instance, Peter Watson, London becomes Peter Wa., GB, 05159. There is no reporting of the campers’  names to any authority anywhere. 

Your email address will only used by the Filekeeper and not be given to anyone else.

What is SMil?

SMil is the union of sadomasochists in Denmark. SMil Denmark has 5 departments in the 4 major cities in Denmark, including SISC.

What is SISC?

SISC is part of SMil. The abbreviation stands for SMil’s International Summer Camps. SISC is a non-commercial organisation.

SISC organizes weeks and special events for people into BDSM at their own premises.
The main events of the year are the summer camps, which can be attended by everyone around the world, no matter which colour, religion, political belief or sexual preference.

The week

Can we have sex at the camp?

You can of course have sex at SISC – but you can not expect it unless agreed.
Read blog about consentual sex >

Is there someone there that I can play with?

SISC doesn’t reserve people so you can go and pick the person you want to play with. We are not an escort agency. SISC organizes the camp and opens the premises for a group of people who have to make the stay themselves. SISC has only got a few rules on the behaviour at the camp and other than that you are free to go and mingle. So if you are single it is up to you. Getting to play with someone is usually not really a problem due to the number of people around. Just do not count on it that you will be collared and cuffed the moment you arrive at the camp.

Can I come alone?

Yes, for sure. The SISC week has a mixed crowd - you will see couples, singles, playmates, friends. All ages and sex are represented (of course except for the men-only gay weeks), as well as various BDSM preferences. 

Do I have my own room at the camp?

No, the camp is not a hotel. There is a big building called the sleeper where there are beds. Curtains have been put up for privacy purposes, making small ”rooms” for 1 or 2 beds. Attached to the sleeper are 2 toilets and 4 shared showers. In the main building is a space with 2 toilets. Behind the sleeper is an area to put up tents or campers, devided into slots, with or without electricity.

Is it possible to check my email at the farm?

Yes, SISC has a camp PC with Internet access where you can get browser access to your mail.

What should I bring?

Besides your personal play gear / clothes / accessories, also bring bed blankets or sleeping bags, towels, pillows and sheets. We can also recommend house coats and slippers if you would like to use the hot tub and sauna.

Also remember to bring Danish Kroner. We don't take credit cards at the farm. There is a bank option around 15 minutes drive from the farm.

I'll be arriving later, is that possible?

It is really important that everyone arrives at the time stated in the booking. All weeks start at 12.00 on arrival day, but please arrive no later than 17.00.

If you have to arrive later than 17.00, please contact us so we know you are ok. 

It will however never be allowed for anybody to arrive 24 hours after the SISC event starts.

Can I stay in the camp for only 1 or 2 nights?

You can stay in the camp for 1 or 2 nights if you attend the Hotel Week, week number 31. All other summer weeks are only full weeks, and it is expected that you will stay for a whole week.

The Hotel Week is a good week to start SISC if you have never been there before. You can try out if it is something for you, and taste the special atmosphere.

I booked for a week, but I have to leave before it ends. Is that possible?

No, that is not possible for all weeks, except for the Hotel Week 31 or the Bonus Week 42.

For weeks 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 you book and stay for the whole week / event, so it is not possible to leave before it ends. This is to keep the camp spirit - if there are people leaving during the week, it disturbs the camp a lot. It is out of experience we have this rule.

If there is an emergency and you have to leave earlier, then you should talk to the camp manager.

Do I need to take a matrass with me to the sleeper?

For everyone that stays in the sleeper, a matrass is available. You don't need to bring your own matrass, but it is recommended to bring a pillow, bed blanket and sheets. If you are staying in your own tent or caravan, please bring your own matrass.

Can we do scat games?

Unfortunately, the SISC farm is not equipped in a way that would allow scat games.

Order and pay

May I pay more, so I have some money on my bar account


Please don't pay more by bank transfer than the total amount on your confirmation email. If you transfer money from outside Denmark, it would be nice if you add a maximum of 200 kr. to cover for the bank fee. But please don't add more than that amount. 

 We might not have the possibility to give you the extra money back at the end of your stay. 

What does a week at SISC cost?

When I try to book, I have to give my membership number, but, I do not have one. How can I get one in order to book?

If you have never been to the summer camps before, you will become a new member and get a membership number yourself. 

After you filled in the form with your name and address + the week that you want to attend, we'll send you a overview of your booking with instructions on how to pay. 

You will have to confirm your booking yourself by paying 50% or the whole amount on that statement (depending on when you booked). After we saw your payment in our bank, you'll receive a final confimation email with information on how to get to the farm.

How does the procedure of booking go?

First you book your SISC camp here and fill out all details including your full, real name.

After you sent it in, you'll get an automatic email with an overview of your request.

Within 3 working days, Filekeeper will send you a confirmation of your request and more information on what to do. You will then be in Option phase.

Once you paid at least 50% of the amount of your booking, you will be in phase Reservation - this means that your booking is now really done.

Note that sometimes you will have to pay the full amount on booking - please read the instructions on the first email.

After your full payment, you will be in phase Confirmation - your booking is settled and confirmed and you'll get a final email from SISC. In the final mail, there are 'how to get here' with directions to the farm.

Find more about the booking procedure.

How do I book a camp stay?

You can order one of the weeks at the "book online" link at the top right of the website. Booking is possible from the first of February.

Just fill in the form with all your data, you will be sent an automatic summary of your booking. After that, the Filekeeper will then send you a statement of your booking. Paying at least half of the full amount of this statement, confirms your booking. 

Find more about the booking procedure.


I am a vegan/vegetarian, do you provide for that?

Yes, we serve normal vegetarian food. When you sign up for a week, please mark that you are a vegetarian. Please note that you cannot change your food option during your stay, because the cook is counting on you.

Unfortunately, we can't provide for vegan food or other special wishes / allergies. 

If you are not able to eat what we serve you, you are welcome to bring your own food and prepare it in the kitchen (with consent of the cook, of course). 

How many meals do I get a day?

We serve 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Are food and drinks included?

You don't need to bring anything yourself. Included in the camp stay are breakfast, lunch, dinner and fruit. Coffee and tea are also included. Other drinks and some snacks can be bought close to cost price - this is all self service, you'll put a mark on a bar list and you'll pay at the office.

What does food and drinks cost?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are for free. Normal coffee and tea also included. Other drinks and snacks are available for a very good price.


Where is my SISC membership number?

Once you signed up for one of the weeks (or for the Hotel Week), you will receive an overview of your booking where your SISC membership number is mentioned. In all statements and confirmations you'll receive after that, you will see your membership number.

How do I become a member SISC?

You will become a member of SISC once you signed up for a week. After you signed up for a week, you will get an overview of your booking where your membership number is mentioned.


What is the nearest airport?

The airport AAR is very close by the farm.

So now I ordered and I got my confirmation email, how do I get there?

Getting to the SISC summer camp is easy. It is within reach of all forms of transportation. Train, Bus, plane and car. The Filekeeper will send you a ‘How to Get There’ with your confirmation email after your booking is fully paid and confirmed.

So where is this camp? It is in Denmark. Centrally placed. And sorry, we only tell those people who make reservations.

Other questions

I still need more help, could you call me?

The Filekeeper can call you on appointment. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they will make the appointment with you.

I have another question that is not answered yet

If you have another question, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your question will be answered as soon as possible and you'll see your question here on this page.

Can I ask the Filekeeper to get me into contact with other campers?

No, the Filekeeper keeps everyone’s data secret.