full week

  • Week 27

    This is the kick-off of our brand new Week 27, the international Hotel Week.

    We love SISC so much, we just had to make more of it. Week 27 is a “Hotel Week”, which means you can stay a few days or the whole week.

  • Week 28

    Variety makes the world colourful. That makes the life interesting and we want you to invite to learn new play games. Open minded people who are into BDSM, Bondage, FF and/or other stuff will meet here to celebrate their parties together.

  • Week 29

    A great week to live out your fantasies, whether in a dom-sub relationship or on your own with (new) friends in a relaxed and trusted environment. Open minded experienced people who are into Bondage, SM, FF and/or other stuff will meet here to exchange knowledge, experiences and play together.

  • Week 30

    Week 30 is once again setting out to sea. If you are new to the SISC scene it is a good week to start, as we take extra care to introduce new campers to the SISC way.

  • Week 32

    Are you ready for a new exciting week where the sun is almost garanteed?