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The Bonus Week 42 is for SISC members.

Not a SISC member? You will be able to book from February.

Members that have been on a full SISC week* previous season or last season, Week 42 is for free!
Other campers pay normal day price.

*Please note that single days in Week 31 does not qualify as a full week.

Your booking is personal and you can't transfer it so anyone else.
Note that SISC only refund bookings to our booking rules.

The form is valid for one person only. If you are attending the SISC event as a couple, please make sure to send one booking per person.
Find more about the booking procedure and rules with SISC

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Please select what you eat during your stay: vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

Tell us if you would like to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian food during your camp stay. Please note that you cannot change your food option during your stay, because the cook is counting on you.

We do not share your data with anybody!

When would you like to join us:

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Would you like to only join the General Assembly? If you only attend the General Assembly, please note that this does not include meals or sleep over.

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If you need to share other information with SISC, please do it here. If you would like to attend the week with a partner that is not known to SISC, please add your partner's name here. Your partner still needs to send in their form seperately.

Our terms and booking terms:

SISC does not assume any liabilities for illness, accident, damage or theft during your stay.

We refund as follows:
Up to 8 weeks: 75% of payment minus passive membership
Between 8 and 4 weeks before start of your camp: 50% refund minus passive membership.
Up to 4 weeks before the start of your camp: 0% refund.

Please note that you should have paid the full amount 8 weeks before your week starts, otherwise we will cancel your reservation.
Cutting date is the date we receive your email.

- - O - -

These are the official camp rules for all SISC activites that counts for all members and all staff.
These can only be changed or diverted from by permisson of the SISC board.

A no must always be respected. There is no harm in asking a person to play.
In a play, the active/dominant/top part always carry the full responsibility for the wellfare and safety of the passive/submissive/bottom part.
"Circus" is the stop word! Circus means that the game has to stop at that moment. Anyone nearby the game has to monitor that the game stops or intervene.
Don't interrupt or comment on a game.

Everyone has to arrive at the time stated in the booking. But if you can't be there on time, you have to contact SISC ahead to ask for individual approval. It will however never be allowed for anybody to arrive 24 hours after the SISC event starts. Keep in mind that you have to contact SISC in any case if you will arrive later. You are committed to stay for the whole time you booked.

The Camp Manager is appointed by the SISC board and has the final word during the camps within the boundaries of these rules.

English is official and the only language used on the farm.

The use and ringing of mobile phones is not allowed. Those who need to call or operate their mobile phone, have to go outside the farm.

No noise at any time in the sleeper, except between 18.00 and 19.00.
No smoking in the sleeper or any other kind of fire (candles, etc.) at any time.
No alarm clocks or cell phones allowed at any time.

Video devices and audio recording equipment are never allowed at any place.
Photo cameras are not allowed, unless:
Exception 1
Taking pictures is allowed in the monk cell and wetroom with closed door if everybody inside the room agrees.
During transport, the device would have to be turned off and be in a closed bag.
Exception 2
The camp manager of the week can announce timeframes of maximum 2 hours (per day) in the afternoon in dungeon 1 with the doors closed. The announcement has to be at least one day before the photo shooting.
In week 28, 29 and 33 the camp manager can announce up to 5 photo shootings in a week. In all other weeks it can be done up to 2 times a week.

Smoking in the diner
Before 00:00 (midnight)
- No smoking inside
After 00.00 (midnight)
- Smoking everywhere in the diner.
Smoking in Dungeon 1
- Players may smoke while active playing
- No smoking in all other playrooms
Smoking in the sleeper
No smoking in the sleeper at all.
Drunkenness is not accepted.
According to Danish law, no drugs (incl. pot and hashish) of any kind is allowed.
According to Danish law, no firearms are allowed on the camp area. Dummies are ok.

With "Approve and send booking", your booking is sent, AND YOU ACCEPT OUR TERMS.
You will later receive an email with a copy of your booking, instruction on how to pay and other details we need to share with you.